Founded in April of 2013 in New York, a kid who was growing tired of mediocre summer jobs used a twitter following to develop the, eventually, recognizable clothing brand 50 in '07 clothing co. The clothing was first popularized by the hockey community throughout North America. The brand and the phrase "50 in '07" represented a unique, satirical, and comical "I'm the hottest piece of shit to walk the planet" attitude that took on a heavy following due to it's comical yet authentic image. What do I mean by authentic? It mean that 50 in '07 has never projected a cliche or corny "lifestyle" brand to people in order to appear like something it's not, but has rather always taken a realistic approach. If you like the clothes, wear the shit. If you don't, then don't wear it.  It's that simple. To put it in words, the 50 in '07 mentality encourages people to carry themselves with an electric confidence, and refuse to settle for less. I don't even know what "electric confidence" really means, but it sounds fucking sweet.

As for the owner, after dumping his bank account into the idea, and plenty of failure, the freshman president of the company was eventually shipping orders to every single state in the US (yup even Hawaii, weirdly enough), every province in Canada, Australia, and several European countries...out of a dorm room. You can probably guess that his grades in school sucked. They did, they really sucked. Unlike other brands, 50 in '07 did not stick to just one crowd, but evolved as a brand of merchandise for anyone as the clothing quality became better. In the beginning, 50 in '07 was so small (and stupid) that it didn't even accept credit cards and only released a single shirt at a time. Admittedly, the company founder didn't even know how to process a credit card yet or design a website properly....but..

Through trial and error and through the loyalty of 50 in '07 customers, the brand has developed to improve each year and has become a company that takes pride in it's legendary fan base and superior customer service. It's tough to forget the first 50 in '07 tattoo seen on somebody, or the first 50in07 license plate spotted on the highway, or the first celebrities/pro athletes to wear 50 in '07...especially when the brand was founded in a bedroom with just a laptop and a printer from like the 1800's. I hope you like this site,I busted my ass making it so you better like it, you don't really have a choice. Feel free to bark at the owner via email to recommend any suggestions or even to drop a positive comment. Cheers #50in07 #50in07Nation

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