50 in '07 Sticker

50 in '07 Sticker


- 5 x 3 Inches

- Colors: Black/White


Yeah, this sticker is going to change your life. Not really, but I thought it would sound cool to make an insane claim such as a life changing sticker. The company logo sticker is a huge statement though. Not only is this sleek yet simple design the face of 50 in '07 nation, but it's the face of anybody who wears shit that matters..and that's 50 in '07 clothing. Who needs designer clothes or clothes at all if you aren't gearing up in 50 in '07 head to toe every single day of your life. Do you want to look like an idiot wearing a t-shirt from target? or louis vuitton? NO! You don't.  Anyway, stick this shit on your laptop, door, wall, car, cat, your brothers forehead, I don't give a shit. This sticker is definitely way stickier than other stickers which means it's way better, obviously. Thank you for reading this I really do appreciate your time. Everybody have a sick fuckin' day. Peace out homies #50in07 (and '06)