Mike Milbury Kneels at Liam McHugh's Mens Field Hockey tournament

EXCLUSIVE: It was reported that Mike Milbury was seen kneeling during the national anthem at Liam McHugh’s mens field hockey tournament in West Hollywood, California. It was first reported that a large heavy breathing man that looked like an idiot was seen protesting by local mens field hockey fans. When reached out to comment on the situation, Milbury said he wasn’t kneeling for the anthem, but says he dropped a chicken finger under the bleacher in front of him. “I paid $12.99 for six chicken fingers, I’ll eat it off the guys ass crack in front of me if I have to.” 

He later went on to say that Liam McHugh was a team captain on the West Hollywood BoneBlazers field hockey team, and that’s why he was there, to support his colleague. When we asked about Liam McHugh’s performance in the tournament, the tournament director said “who the fuck is Liam McHugh?” 

It turns out that Mike Milbury was actually alone at the field hockey tournament, and lied that Liam McHugh was on one of the teams in an effort to cover up his love for some good old mens field hockey. Story developing…

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