Is Global Warming the Biggest Threat to the Chicago Blackhawks Organization?


With carbon dioxide usage amongst humans increases, we inch towards major environmental problems, i.e. Global Warming. Without major solutions, we face major catastrophes. Some of which I am referring to is the melting of glaciers, which can endanger the lives of Polar Bears as well as major heat waves that destroy the very agriculture that has sustained us since the dawn of time. But if you’re an NHL fan or a Chicago Blackhawks fan in particular, the problems are much, much worse. The Chicago Blackhawks are continuing to play just about every outdoor NHL game there is, it has quickly become their staple. But with the increasing heat caused by the greenhouse gases collected in the earth’s atmosphere, this could be detrimental to the Blackhawks 82 outdoor season games. In fact, some scientists have even said that with the rate at which global warming is increasing, the Blackhawks could be down to only 50 outdoor season games just 5 years from now. Bettman is being read the riot act right now. He needs to step up and take a positive global initiative because we know that giving the Blackhawks all the outdoor games is like a heroin needle in his veins. If we don’t do something, the Blackhawks organization will melt away like the glaciers in Antartica. 


Some possible solutions:

-Pucks with solar panels on them

-Sticks made out of bamboo

-Eliminate gas guzzling Zambonis and wasteful water, use mops and spit