Edmonton Couple Go To Court Over Oilers Tickets

An Edmonton ex-couple are in court over a dispute of who will get their shared season tickets for the Edmonton Oilers for the upcoming season. The couple have been married for 35 years and recently called it quits. Although the headline of a court case over hockey tickets makes well for lots of clicks and publicity, deeper inside 50in07 sources uncovered what really is unfolding in sunny Edmonton, Alberta. "Listen, everybody thinks that we're arguing over the tickets to watch the team or for the money. That's not the case," said Stevie Titsmack, the ex-husband of Tracey Titsmack. "Every time we're at a game and McDavid has the puck, I see my wife Tracey sort of fidgeting in the corner of my eye. Turns out, she's been flickin' her god damn bean to McDavid for the whole season!" said Mr. Titsmack. "It's ridiculous."

It turns out that the husband in the divorce wants to make it as difficult as possible for his ex-wife to attend oilers games due to her obsession with NHL superstar Connor McDavid. Tracey Titsmack, an employee at Chilis, denies these claims and says the reason she wants the Oilers tickets is because she enjoys the half time show.

"She doesn't even know what offside is," the ex-husband said. "We had a great marriage for 35 years. We used to go to Disney land, go on cruises, and all that family bullshit. Then this McDavid kid comes along and my wife can't stop smacking her basement lips to this guy."

"It ended our marriage."

For now, the couple will be going back and forth to court over the tickets. We have never seen anything like this. McDavid is so fucking good at hockey that he's ending relationships that go back for decades. Story developing....

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