Wow. This might be the hottest street in hot take city. Sorry this took so long to post today, I was busy putting up the first ever 50 in '07 long sleeve shirt that will be released on May 20th. It's called the Platinum because, I don't know, it sounds elite and I just like the look of this shirt. It's clean bitch. First thing is first:

Today a big dog 6k followers verified writer or some shit for the caps attempted to insult me by referring to me as a parody account. I don't really get how that's an insult. I mean, I understand that the stigma around parody accounts are that they're ran by fucking losers, but at least I can be a loser and continue to crank out hot fire 6% accurate hot takes for the last 5 years. I started this as a joke and it gained some followers....sorry? First of all, if you haven't noticed, it hasn't really been a parody account AT ALL since like 2015. SECOND of all, I never pretended to be anybody from the start. I have always always always always always said it was fake and a parody. You know what, fuck it, #ParodyAccountLivesMatter. You're just being racist against parody accounts and that's the bottom line. It's obviously weird when somebody who's a "qualified journalist" even stoops down to respond to a parody account. If you're going to respond, come at me with something better than "you're a parody account." OHH...haven't heard that one before dude. By even acknowledging I exist...isn't that contradicting yourself? Like if you're the king (or queen) of Sex Mountain then why even bother responding to me in the first place? Right? IDK. Lets get into the hot takes:

WASHINGTON/PITTSBURGH: This game is either gonna go two ways. It's gonna be bat shit crazy with tom sestito/matt cooke/chris simon on a line swinging baseball bats at people..OR the Pens, being the veteran organization they are, are going to keep it calm and just try to win the god damn hockey game. I'm not even going to bother speculating on what I think about the niskanen hit because either way people will come at me and unleash absolute keyboard warfare on your boy. So I'm going to leave that there. I honestly think that the penguins will win this game. I'm usually like 15% accurate, so I wouldn't place any money on this game based on my decision unless it's a cash advance from your dads credit card. I think the Penguins need to stay focused and only start throwing haymakers if they're up by 4 GOALS. Anything less, they need to focus on the win. HOT TAKE: PENS.

EDMONTON/ : Hold on I actually forgot who edmonton is even playing so I just left it blank. Why? Cause dude, it's the McDavid and Talbot show. I mean, I know i've been blowing these guys all series but it's no joke how fun they are to watch. I obviously have been riding the Orange crush wave since the start. It's not that I hate Anaheim, but more of the fact that I love seeing the kids win. I think tonight defines the series. If you let the Ducks get too much momentum, Ryan Getzlaf's Ferrari is going to roll over you like a fat guy on a shitty mattress. For this reason my hot take is...Edmonton.

***Royal shirt is released at the end of this week and long sleeve in two weeks. Hope you guys are enjoying my shit. It seems like it, which is cool. Follow instagram: 50in07clothing for updates!!! Adios.


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