There's nothing like the NBA playoffs on this planet. It's awesome. It's human nature to sort of have a peaked interest when it comes to the unknown, and that's exactly what the NBA finals is comprised of. 16 teams. 16 franchises. 16 families of athletes..just battling it the fuck out...winner take all. I think it's the top playoff sport in the entire world because there's nothing you can do to predict the madness. It's anybody's championship. Is it all about individuals? Hell fucking no. It's about the team. Whichever team bonds the most, takes the most pisses together, spits in each other's mouths the most, etc. All that team bonding shit comes together and whichever team doesn't fuck each other's wives the most has the opportunity to take the trophy of a lifetime home. Standing at 14 inches and made out of aluminum the NBA trophy is one of the most prized possessions in sports history. Once you wrap your entire fucking hand around the championship trophy and throw it in your girls Chanel clutch there's nothing left to accomplish on this planet as we know it. If you win the NBA title you might as well pack up all of your fucking shit and go explore the 96% of the ocean that we haven't explored yet because you already won at life. You did it. You won the unpredictable, unimaginable, undeniable, NBA playoffs and that's the only fucking thing on land that matters anymore. Literally, put on a scuba suit as soon as you win it and just dive into the ocean and go find some shit that no human has found yet. 

I think that the NHL playoffs needs to be like the NBA. Only 2 teams should be allowed to make the playoffs. This way, it would appeal to america since america loves knowing who's already in the finals and it just makes everything easier. It's like the self checkout at target Like you don't even have to stand in line that whole time and wait behind people buying groceries when you're only buying one thing. From now on, I'm not watching the NHL playoffs. There's no action, there's no accountability, and it's not even competitive. I'm done.

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