Hey, 100% stop being mad that PK Subban celebrates, specifically the celebration he had where he shot the arrow into the crowd...oh yeah..the celebration that millions of hockey players have done before. C...cou...could you even imagine getting upset that he celebrated like that? If something like that agitates you, you must literally have almost nothing going on in your life. You absolutely are a substitute teacher that drives a Subaru with 300,000 miles on it and still gets yelled at by your mom. What's the big fucking deal? It's NOT "disrespecting the game," and if you think that then that's basically just saying "Hey, I'm racist as fuck and don't like PK Subban so I'm going to hide it by saying that his goal celebration 'disrespects' the game." Hey guy, absolutely what the fuck are you even talking about? In what way would that disrespect...well..anything? He scored in the NHL playoffs. I'll say it again. He scored in the NHL PLAYOFFs. So yeah, I figure that there's going to be some emotion there. If anything, the NHL needs players to show more emotion to showcase the excitement of the game. Just because you show no emotion at your job at Joseph A. Banks selling shitty ass fucking suits for $15 per suit doesn't mean that everybody has to have a traffic cone up their ass like you do.

ALSO, who the fuck are the people complaining about celebrating anyway? I feel like there's just a cult of racist little league baseball dads that stir all of this shit up in the first place. As far as i'm concerned, I really have never first hand seen people visibly upset at a celebration. The ONLY time I see it is when PK Subban does it. You know what that means? You're racist. There's no other reason. If Patrick Kane did the shoot the bow celebration every fan in america would have a Viagra Bone job the size of the statue of liberty. There's nothing wrong with celebrating. Stop with the "it's classless" shit, because it's not. There's a championship on the line, lots of money on the line, and history on the line. The same people that bitch about Pk Subban celebrating after a goal are the same mother fuckers that put a $20 bet on a football game and go completely ape shit when they win 20 DOLLARS. I'm done #50in07

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