Folks it's that time of the day where you are about to read my bullshit. I am hearing from inside underground elite sources that the entire Capitals team slept inside of Barry Trotz' suit pants last night. We are about to witness a capitals team full of desperation. Their ass cheeks are absolutely plastered to the wall and this game is going to define this entire franchise whether you like it or not. Being that the team had a very special bond, I think they come out flying and fucking destroy this depleted pittsburgh team. Seriously though, hats off to barry Trotz. I've never heard of a coaching strategy where an entire hockey team sleeps inside of the coaches pants. I've heard of guys going to dinners, maybe going to a bar, or having a few beers on a balcony...but sleeping inside of the coaches pants? I don't know. I just think this HAS to pay off for them.

If this move doesn't help the team win, this franchise is more toast than a breakfast diner. They might as well trade every single player on their team and just try to get the 1st overall pick in 2018. As for Edmonton, I think that McDavey is going to win this fucking game. This kid does not fuck around and I think if you're counting out the Oilers you're a fucking ass clown. It's a game 7 type of day. I can't decide whether I want to drink casually during the game and then send it afterwards or just completely send it during the games and get folded before 10 pm. Also, thanks for tuning in to my instagram live streams because they're getting better and better and I like talking to you fucking idiots. ALSO - a new shirt drops this week so keep your eyes open and keep your dads credit card around. I'm OUT #50in07

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