NHL Suspends Niskanen 6,000 Games

Everybody knows that I have the best inside sources in the league, that's no secret. My sources are reporting that the NHL plans to serve Matty Nisky a 6,000 game suspension for chopping Sidney Crosby's head off. I usually don't write about specific events because first of all nobody really cares what I'm saying anyway but I had to write something due to some of the INSANE tweets I was getting. I asked for feedback on one of my tweets and on multiple occasions people were tweeting me they were "happy" Crosby was injured. 

Listen dude, I don't play in the NHL so I'm not referring to personal player opinions about Crosby.. but as a FAN if you say that makes you "happy" there's a 100% chance that you've tried to hook up with your mom. Seriously, you have to be so upset in life if that's your mindset. Whether you like the guy or not, think he's a cry baby or not, think he's a pussy or not, you really shouldn't wish that bad of a potential head injury on anybody. Unless somebody came into your house with an AK-47 and sprayed it everywhere there's no GOOD reason to wish a brutal head injury on a person. 

Honestly, if you're one of the people that think that's good then you're just a fucking loser and there's no way around it. The man is one of the best players in the fucking WORLD. He's good and it's downright bad for the game if he's done via head injury. Now, I guarantee you some loser idiot will message me like "kiss Crosby's ass much" or some dumb ass shit like that but It's not really about Crosby at the end of the day. I just can't stand when people think it's a positive competitive thing to wish injuries on people. That's what LOSERS do, they wish injuries on good players. Like I said, if the dude did something to you, then sure, think what you want. But anyway...Hey uhh....how about just try to be as good or better than them? Winners try to out play the other guy and be better...fucking LOSERS try to just hurt people because they're not good enough. Losers that hook up with their moms try to injure. Do I make myself clear yet? I think if somebody hurts you or fucks up your teammate, then yeah, go after the dude. But again, I'm referring to the fans that have 39% body fat that are tweeting they're happy he's hurt..nah dude just shut up and have fun banging your fat wife idiot. 

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