The first paragraph today is dedicated to how happy I am that ESPN seems to be falling apart. I'm NOT happy about people losing their jobs, besides Trent Dilfer, but to me this shows that ESPN is shitting the bed. This whole network has gone to such SHIT it's almost awesome. It's one big shitstorm politically correct pop culture show now. I've been saying this for a very long time. You can't please everybody. It's impossible. A perfect example is I'm sure somebody is reading this right now and thinking "why am I on this page, this kid is a fucking idiot" but does that  mean I'm going to change my writing style or opinions? No. ESPN's fake ass, on the other hand, does just the opposite. It's cringeworthy how hard ESPN tries to politically the point where they are giving television shows to talentless people just to prove a point. Dude, it's SO easy. Show the fucking highlights and analyze them. That's it. Stop showing twitter dramas, what LeBron pissed out of his dick today, social issues, and other shit that's not sports. Stay in your lane and you'd be golden. ANYWAY here are my 100% accurate hot takes for tonight: 

NASHVILLE/ST. LOUIS:  I think that St. Louis might be fucked because my inside sources told me that they saw Bruce Boudreau ass naked meditating and it appears he was casting a spell on the blues since they totally boned Minnesota. I think if Bruce successfully curses the Blues then they have no chance in france at wining. The Real Deal James Neal has too quick of a release. Do I think Mike Ribeiro needs to be called up still? Yeah, I do. They need Ribeiros blunt smoke to calm the nerves so the boys can just go out and play. I think this will be an interesting series because both of these squads are still trying to prove that they can make a deep run. For reasons I don't even know, my hot take is: NASHVILLE.

EDMONTON/ANAHEIM: Wow. This series is making everybody's tip tingle. Anaheim is a good team, we know that. But Edmonton is a total wildcard. We know they have the young guns with the speed, but to get by a veteran Anaheim Ducks team I feel that it'll take more than just physical'll take a mental effort too, obviously. For example, we saw the oilers get absolutely shit bagged like 7-0 in a game but then win the series. When's the last time that happened? I don't know. What I do know, is that McDavid can really elevate himself to be the greatest of all time if he leads his team past the ducks. I think if he does, he should demand to wear #99 and if the NHL doesn't let him he should go to the KHL with Ovechkin. HOT TAKE: Edmonton.

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