Before I jump into my 100% accurate hot takes I need to address something regarding 50 in '07 clothing. 50 in '07 doesn't just literally refer that one 50 goal season. That's 100000% where it originated from, obviously, but the attitude surrounding it IS the brand itself. I just wanted to make that clear since I had a questions in my email such as "why make a shirt from 10 years ago?" It's not a brand celebrating ONE THING that occured a fucking decade ago. I highly doubt 50in07 would even be a thing if that was the case. It's a brand that represents what people find funny/the attitude/the satire/ect about the last 5 years of the tweets.. ya know what I mean bitch? ANYWAY: 

TORONTO/WASHINGTON: The Dart Guy is allegedly going to be in the I have no idea how Ovechkin and the Capitals are going to overcome the universal mind power of this guy. I mean, this guy FUCKS. Obviously, I haven't picked Washington ONE time this series, which should say a lot. I think the key to this game is whether Ovechkin can get the Dart Guy out of his head. Reports surfaced last week that Ovechkin said "I think we played a fast physical game but the entire team is too focused on the dart guy, so we lost." I think Mike Babcock needs to coach shirtless today. Flex on the entire building in D.C. and show these mother fuckers that you're not playing around. That's just my style. If i'm Mike Babcock, I'm putting on eye black and not wearing a shirt. Somebody needs to do SOMETHING extra to distract the Caps. Also, what the fuck are you thinking if you're Ted Leonsis? That guy must be stressed as fuck. Dude has the most elite team ever on paper but can't win a series in a smooth fashion. If the Caps exit in the first round, I'd literally trade the entire roster to Las Vegas and start from scratch. HOT TAKE: TORONTO

BOSTON/OTTAWA: In my opinion, this series would have been over already if McQuaid was in the lineup. You absolutely cannot replace a guy that can block a slap shot with his fucking face and not even flinch. They need this grit. Boston desperately needs somebody to kick the shit out of Phaneuf too. In all seriousness, how the fuck is Boston even competing with almost all of their defenseman hurt? It's not Bruce Cassidy, that's for sure. Being that he got out coached as fuck last game, I think it's safe to say that they need to fire him before tonight's game and hire Dan Bylsma. Literally, go to a mall and hire the kid with blue hair that works at the verizon stand. I don't care, anybody but Cassidy. 

These are my hot takes today and the reason why they're not as powerful as my other ones is that it's friday...which means FIREBALL FRIDAY. For those of you that don't know..I pretty much get shitfaced on instagram live and answer questions in the comments or read the comments. It's pretty entertaining considering 95% of it is people telling me to get new teeth or calling me a gay loser. Gotta love the internet. IM out #50in07


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