Welcome to hot take city home of the hottest hot takes ever created by man kind. Lots of shit going down in the NHL today. Everybody loves a little drama. Jack Eichel fired the GM and Coach of the Sabres which is pretty awesome. Shit happens when you miss a 2 million dollar bonus, I don't blame Jack at all. I would have personally stolen Tim Murray and Dan Bylsma's credit card and filed for a 2 Million dollar cash advance. It's clearly their fault. Why is it their fault? I mean Brian Gionta is still on the team. Remember being like 2 years old and playing with Gionta on NHL '86? Yeah, he's still on the team. Give Jack some fucking puck support, for fuck sakes. Honestly, I have no idea what I'm talking about and Gionta is probably a great guy but anyway HOT TAKES:

NEW YORK/MONTREAL: A very deep inside underground elite source informed me that the Rangers were partying in MTL with Radulov until about 6 am this morning. I'm hearing reports that Radulov took the team to Dave and Busters because Gallagher works there part time so they get a discount. Well, that's good news for the Rangers because maybe Nick Holden playing hockey shit faced will be better than when he's sober. I think that Radulov playing while still drunk is a gauranteed win for MTL. This guy just casually hop scotches across the planet playing in whatever the fuck league he wants. I heard that when he was in the KHL for like 4 years he thought he was playing for the New Jersey Devils the whole time. That's how wasted this guy gets..and for that reason...HOT TAKE: Montreal Wins.

COLUMBUS/PITTSBURGH: Holy shit I actually thought this series was already over. I must have ate a ton of Crown Royal because I didn't know this game was on today. Being that I'm caught off guard, I'm going to roll the dice and say that Columby wins at Pittsburgh. I just think that Pittsburgh stinks like shit too much for Blue Jackets to lose there. Because if you lose, not only do you lose the series, you lose in mother fucking Pittsburgh. It's not like you can say whatever let's go out and have a good time..nah..last time I went out in pittsburgh it was a bunch of old dudes in stained Champion sweatpants and work boots. HOT TAKE: COLUMBUS wins.

CHICAGO/NASHVILLE: Blackhawks can't play indoors. Preds win. Next..

SAN JOSE/EDMONTON: Honestly, fuck the sharks. The god damn balls on this team to run up the score like that. It's 2017, get up by 4 goals and then just chill. Running up the score is just not very nice. You don't do that to McDavid. Where's the respect? San Jose, do you think you're hot shit because you have a bunch of little coffee shops with a bunch of start-up nerds clicking their computer mouses in there? Because your not. I hate walking into coffee shops these days. The second everyone realizes I don't have a coachella wristband and blue hair I just feel the eyes staring at me in disgust. It's blatant discrimination. Anyways, hot take is......not the fucking sharks. Edmonton Wins.

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