Before I get into tonight's hot takes I just want to say that the NHL needs to give Zack Kassian the Conn Smythie right now. I know that Gary Bettman is probably sitting in his Chicago Blackhawks themed recliner ass naked figuring out how to give it to Toews, but it's just not going to happen. Kassian has been a freight train. The hits, the secondary scoring provided, enough said. It's either him or Pekka Rinne that deserve it thus far. Although Pekka has a huge advantage because Chicago has no fucking clue how to play unless the game is outdoors at a football arena, I still think back to back shutouts is money in the bank. And how about the Rangers? Wh..wh....what are you doing? The reason why the Rangers can't win at home is simple, but nobody gets it because they don't have the inside underground sources that I have. The Rangers can't win at home because it's cursed by Eric Staal's big helmet. Eric Staal's NASA Bucket has successfully interfered with the vibrations and strength of the MSG crowd and...alright I'm just gonna shut the fuck up and get on with the HOT TAKES: 

BOSTON/OTTAWA: The B's are back in Boston. Big time. I can't even believe that they're still in this series considering they're entire defensive core is pretty much hurt. The reason why I'm not shocked is because McAvoy has stepped up as well as Tim Schaller. Boston is known for making trades like they're a 14 year olds NHL Ultimate team, but calling up McAvoy and signing Schaller are the two moves that have caused the Bruins to win every single game this year. HOT TAKE: Bruins win. 

TORONTO/WASHINGTON: Is Washington ever going to figure this shit out? In my opinion, most people had them sweeping this thing. Yeah, not so fucking fast. I think this powerhouse team on paper is lacking something and I don't know what it is. They should steam roll through the playoffs, but they aren't. If Toronto wins tonight the entire organization should be shaking in their boots. I'm really curious to see if Toronto can go up in the series so for that reason, my hot take is: Toronto Wins.

CHICAGO/NASHVILLE: The Chicago Blackhawks don't know how to play hockey indoors and for that reason: Nashville Wins.

ANAHEIM/CALGARY: Honestly, I haven't watched much of this series for some reason. I think that Calgary is going to win just because I want the series to be interesting. Hot Take: Calgary. As you can see, I really half-assed these last two hot takes because I have to go pay for parking real quick my meter is up. 50 in '07 orders will all ship Wednesday. After that, all orders are shipped out the same day or next day. There's three new shirts for sale, and still the two hats. Peace out #50in07

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