50in07 HOT TAKES 4.13.17

I think tonight's match ups are cool, but definitely not as interesting as last nights matchys. Here's why I picked the hot takes I picked. Keep in mind, I have access to the hottest inside underground undercover sources so I'd listen to what I have to say (don't listen to what I say):

TORONTO/WASHINGTON: WOW. What an interesting series. Most will count this one as a sweep and a free pass for Washington, but I don't want to see that happen. The Leafs have some serious young talent, but who the fuck knows what will happen in the playoffs. I chose Toronto because I am curious to see what would happen to Washington if they actually lost this series. I feel like Ovechkin already has half his shit packed and he's ready to throw up two middle fingers to the NHL and go play in the KHL because Gary Bettman's punk ass won't let him play in the Olympics. Imagine if the leafs squeaked this one out? That would be absolutely banana city and Ovechkin talks would heat up a TON...I think? I don't even think he'd pack. I think he'd take his bag, a north face jacket, and a handle of vodka and get the fuck out of the USA. HOT TAKE: Leafs win.

NASHVILLE/CHICAGO: Honestly I can't even comment on this series because we all know the Blackhawks only show up to play at the Winter Classic so I have no idea if they'll even try in this series. These guys play more outdoor games than regular games, and for that reason I have James Fucking Neal and the Predators winning tonight. Blackhawks just don't know how to play indoors anymore because they have 82 outdoor winter classic games. HOT TAKE: Preds.

CALGARY/ANAHEIM: I'm not going to lie, I don't know what will happen with the Ducks but I do know that if they play at their potential they're going to win this series in 2 games. Seriously, if Calgary backs down even one second I don't think the NHL will make this series go even 4 games and they'll just cut it short. I think the Ducks win, but Calgary puts up a decent fight. HOT TAKE: Ducks.

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