My Draftkings contests are back and I'm giving you Free Shit

For those of you who don't know, I usually run about 2 Fantasy hockey contests per week. Usually, if you play through me the reward is not only the money you could win playing, but usually a free ticket into another contest.

THIS TIME, I'm going to mail every new draftkings player in my contest a 50in07 toque. Alllllll you gotta do is sign up, deposit $5 (yes, literally $5), draft your team for the night and play. After that, I'll be emailing you and asking for an address to send the hat to. It's really that simple. Some people keep asking me how it works so I figured I'd throw this quick blog up that nobody cares about. NO, you will not have to pay for shipping. I'm paying for it. I'm only mailing them until they're gone so it's first come first serve. For any questions, DM 50in07Nation on instagram.

I'm going to be tweeting the contests either this week or next. Either way, if you're a NEW draftkings player you will automatically get this god damn toque. Be on the lookout. If you are NOT a new Draftkings player, I'll have some sort of other way you can get the toque. But not yet. QUESTIONS? Email me or DM the insta. Thanks


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