Does Zac Rinaldo's 6 Game Suspension Impact his Chances of Reaching Gretzky's Point Record?

If you've been keeping up with the NHL you would've seen that Zac Rinaldo was suspensed for 6 games for a punch on Samuel Girard. Obviously a suspension is warranted for this type of action but what does this really mean for Rinaldo? Taking away 6 games from Rinaldo could dramatically impact his chances of reaching Gretzky's incredible point record. But listen, Im not saying Rinaldo would break that, its impossible to say, the game is completely different from when #99 played. I'm just saying the biggest difference between Rinaldo and Gretzky is that Gretzky never got suspended any games (or at least I dont think. idk i didn't research it). So of course Gretzky is always going to have an upper hand here. In these 6 games that Rinaldo is missing, it is very possible that he could score up to 50-100 goals per period, unlikely, but anything is really possible when you fucking think about it. I think ive gotten a bit off track here but to be honest i didn't really plan this blog out, even as im typing this i have no idea what im going to say next. So idk maybe what Im arguing is not that Rinaldo is unlikely to break the all-time point record because of his suspension, but more that comparing him and Gretzky is completely unfair. Two similar players in two very different stages of the game.

By AC 

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