Blackhawks owner considering moving stadium to top of Mount Everest

In case you haven't heard, the Chicago Blackhawks have been granted another outdoor game this year, which comes as no surprise to anyone that has watched the NHL within the last few years. What has come as a shock to many is the recent plea from chairman owner Rocky Wirtz to have the United Center moved from Chicago to the very tip of Mount Everest. Wirtz said in a recent press conference, "I know it is quite unconventional premise to have a stadium teeter on the tip of one of the highest mountains in the world, but I feel strongly that it is the best thing for this team and city." When asked about the difficult commute for fans and staff to get to the top of the mountain he responded by saying, "I know it's not ideal for fans to have to climb thousands of feet in the sky to watch a game, but lets face it, we play best in the outdoors, and it doesn't get much more in the outdoors than having our stadium balancing on top of a tall mountain. It's familiar for us, we're an outdoor team, we thrive in it, and I'm very adamant about the change." Wirtz seemed to have little to no concern that a full stadium structure that can hold up to 20,000 people would be dangerous. Residents of the top of Mount Everest say that the Stadium could impact their lives, as the stadium could fall off of the mountain and create a Colorado avalanche at any given time. Wirtz said that the residents of Mount Everest should be "lucky" that the Blackhawks would want to play there since it's literally at the top of the planet and would bring in tourist revenue. Story developing... (Article by 50in07 Jones and Champagne Jones)

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