The Carolina Hurricanes Need to Change Their Name Immediately

In the wake of much criticism directed towards the Washington Redskins team name, one can't help but think about how NHL's Carolina Hurricanes have so easily been able to keep their team name with virtually no scrutiny. In recent weeks we've seen the horrors hurricanes have inflicted on Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico, leaving people's homes destroyed and lives ruined. With that, one must wonder how the Carolina Hurricanes organization can just sit by without taking action when their team name is so obviously problematic. Glorifying hurricanes is not something I, nor anyone, should be apart of.  Not only does it glorify, but encourages other hurricanes. It is time we start naming our sports teams after positive movements and ideals (ex. Carolina Peaceful Protesters). So until Carolina changes their name I refuse to watch any of the 2 nationally televised Carolina games this season. 

Here are some other team NHL team names I think need revisiting:

-Boston Bruins: A Bruin is a term that refers to brown bears, discriminating against other types of bears.

-LA Kings: sexist against women

-Buffalo Sabres' Logo: contains two swords which promotes violence


Andrew ChampagneComment