Buffalo Sabres Owner Jack Eichel signs Jack Eichel to 80M Contract

It's confirmed by smokeshow Kathryn Tappen that Buffalo Sabres owner Jack Eichel has signed Jack Eichel to a 8 year contract extension that is worth 80 million dollars. GM Jack Eichel also confirms the report. "Jack is going to be a key part of this franchise," says Buffalo GM Jack Eichel. "He's elusive with the puck, and he grips it and fucking rips it," said Owner of the Buffalo Sabres Jack Eichel after the signing was made official. 

"Jack originally wanted to liquidate a portion of everybody's salary that lives in buffalo in order to pay him 1 billion a year, but decided he didn't want to be mean," says GM Jack Eichel. "I think it was a good decision for him to not fuck over the people of buffalo. It shows maturity."  Story developing...

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