Barry Melrose Houses Hurricane Harvey Victims in his Suit

The Hockey world was buzzing early Wednesday morning due to the size of Barry Melrose's suit on ESPN. Barry was representing the NHL on national television in a suit that could cover any baseball diamond during a rain delay. It's reported that Barry attended a Jos. A Bank suit sale, a company that has sales every week where you can get up to 40 suits for the price of 1. Barry bought 17 suits at the sale, and it appears that he wore them all at once during his segment on ESPN. We reached out to ESPN asking them why they'd let Barry melrose wear a suit that could cover a cruise ship and ESPN said "We tried to tell Barry that it looked like there was an apartment complex in his suit, but he just kept coughing and hacking up things, so he couldn't hear us." 

While everybody was making fun of Barry, 50in07 sources dug deep to find out what was really going on inside Barry's suit. It turns out, Barry Melrose is actually a hero as humble as they come. Barry was housing 25 families that had their properties virtually destroyed in Hurricane Harvey. There was literally 25 families including children living inside of Barry Melrose's suit. "I just wanted to help out, you know," said Melrose. "I have a lot of extra space in my suits, and it's a big deal to me to make a difference in the community."

Melrose flew each family that was stranded from Orlando International airport in to a private airport located in his suit pants. Upon arrival, the families were given the choice on where they'd like to stay inside his suit. "When ESPN called, I didn't want to make the families move out of my suit. So I did my hockey segment with everybody in there. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be."

Barry Melrose is truly somebody that we need in the world right now. In a world that has so much controversey, it's nice to know that somebody would let multiple families live, eat, and work inside their suit. Story the way...Draftkings Thursday...join it now $5,000 1st place. Link in my tweet. 

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